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Yael Doron

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Telephone number: +972-544-316-971

Email address:



1997: Certified Psychologist (license no. 5289 Israel).

2001: Specialization in Rehabilitation Psychology.

2014: Certified Group Analyst


Education and Qualifications

2015:          Doctoral student in the Education faculty at Haifa University.

2010-2014: Graduate of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis. Group Analyst.
1998-2000: Diploma studies in Medical Psychology, Tel-Aviv University.

1993-1996: MA summa cum laude in Psychology, Tel-Aviv University.

1989-1992: BA magna cum laude in Criminology, Sociology and Anthropology, Bar-Ilan University

Professional Experience

Lectures, Presentations and Workshops - International Conferences

2017: "Black Holes in the Social Unconscious". Presentation in the "Social Unconscious Panel". GASI Symposium, Berlin, Germany.

2017: Co-conductor, "the Untold Known" workshop, GASI Symposium,    Berlin, Germany.

2017: "Trauma and Resilience". Presentation in a panel, AGPA, New York.

2016: "Secrets after War -Recovery in the Group Analytic Group". Workshop in the conference "Civilians at War", Prague.

2016:  Group conductor, supervisor and part of the international staff of the International Summer School of Group Analysis, Athens, Greece.

2016: "Secrets in the Group Analytic Group". Workshop in the International workshop of the IIGA (Israeli Institute of Group Analysis) "Exchange and Growth in Groups", Gonen, Israel.

2015: "'And the Whole Earth was of One Language and One Speech'. Massification or Individuality in Large Societies and in Small Groups".  Lecture in EFPP Conference, Berlin, Germany.

2015: "Mental Black Holes in the Social Unconscious". Lecture in the International IIGA Conference: Relational Discourse on Pioneers in Individual and Group Analytic Therapy. Tel Aviv, Israel.


Teaching Experience

Since 2015: Teaches group psychotherapy in Haifa University, in the Department for Counselling and Human Development.

Since 2015: Teaches Group Analysis in the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis.

Since 2015: Teaches Group Analysis in the Israeli Institute of Psychotherapeutic Playback Theater.

Since 2013: Lecturer on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Department of Psychotherapy at the Rambam Hospital and at the Faculty of Medicine Technion Institute in Haifa.

Since 2012: Lecturer at the Central Training School for welfare workers, in the training program for group therapists.

2002-2003: Lecturer at the Beit Berl Academic College, Ramat Ha'Sharon branch on the subject of psychotherapy.


Supervisory Experience

2017: Supervisor of group therapists in the center of Domestic Violence, Tirat-HaCarmel.

2016: Supervisor of group therapists of Maccabi Health Care, Haifa.

2016: Group therapists' Supervisor. Center of Domestic Violence, Haifa.

2014-2015: Supervisor of group therapy of Educational Counselors in Haifa, ran by the Ministry of Education.

2013-2014: Group supervisor of the "Lehava" project, ran by the Ministries of Welfare and Education.

2013-2014: Group supervisor of the "Afikim Meshalevet" project, ran by the Ministry of Welfare, the National Insurance Institute, and JOINT.


Clinical Experience

2017: Co-conductor, "the Untold Known" 2-days' workshop, Tel-Aviv.

2016: Conducting intensive group in the Annual Staff Retreat of the professional staff of Mazra Hospital for Mental Ilness.

2016: Co-conductor "secrets in the group" workshop, Tel-Aviv.

2011-2012: Group therapist within the Ministry of Defense, the Rehabilitation Wing of the IDF Disabled Veterans.

Since 2006: Director of "Zoogot Institute", founder, head and therapist, working with individuals, couples and group therapy. Conducting two slow open group analytic groups.

2004-2007: Professional director of the Online Project of Mental Support for Youth, through the Elem organization for youth in distress.      

2001-2005: Founder and director of the Psychotherapists Forum for Online Support in Israel.

2001-2005: Director of the Ynet website forum for mental support - "Psychology".

2001-2004: Psychologist at the Menopause clinic at the Lis Maternity Hospital,    Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital). Individual and group therapist at the Psychiatric clinic.

Since 2000: Psychologist, individual and couples therapist, private clinic.

1996-2001: Specialization in rehabilitative psychology at the Psychiatric clinic and at the Rehabilitation and Rheumatology wards, at the Tel-Aviv Medical Centre. Individual and group therapist.

1995-1996: Individual and group therapist at the Adelson clinic for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.        


Publications in English

Doron, Y. (2018 in press) A Romance in the Analytic Group. Group Analysis.

Doron, Y. and Warhaftig-Aran, L. (2018 in press) Secrets in the Analytic   Group. IJGP.

Doron, Y. (2017) What is it Like to Sit in the Conductor's Seat? A Response to Billow's Third Article. Group Analysis, 50(3): 314-318.

Doron, Y. (2017) 'Black Holes' as a Collective Defense against Shared Fear of Annihilation in a Small Therapy Group and in its Contextual Society. In E. Hopper and H. Weinberg (Eds). The Social Unconscious in Persons, Groups and Societies. Vol 3 (pp.151-162). London: Karnac.

Friedman R. and Doron, Y. (Eds.) (2017) Group Analysis in the Land of Milk and Honey. London: Karnac.

Doron, Y. (2017) the Black Hole in the Social Unconscious: A Collective Defense against Shared Fears of Annihilation. In R. Friedman and Y. Doron (Eds.) Group Analysis in the Land of Milk and Honey (pp. 75-88). London: Karnac.

Doron, Y. (2017) Radical Uncertainty in Action: A Response to Dalal's 'the Analytic and the Relational Inquiring into Practice'. Group Analysis, 50(2): 255-263.

Doron, Y. (2016) Sudden Departure in Group. GROUP, 39: 295-302.

Doron, Y. (2016) The Tower of Babel: Massification, Individuality and Empathy in Large Societies and in Small groups. Group Analysis, 49(2):124-133.

Doron, Y. (2014) 'The Israeli Social Unconscious as revealed to me during the GASI International Summer School in Serbia ', Group Analysis. 47(3), 128-141.

Doron, Y. (2014) 'Primary Maternal Preoccupation in the Group Analytic Group', Group Analysis, 47(1), 17-29. A winner of the "GASI Students Essay Competition", 2013.

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